Thriving: Recover Your Life



Restarting is a revolutionary solution-based approach for building joy, receiving inner healing, and developing life-giving relationships. Advancing beyond traditional treatment, current support group methods, and secular or spiritual approaches to recovery, Restarting offers hope for those that have tried other approaches and still feel hurt, empty, alone, and ashamed of their struggles and behaviors. Restart your recovery for the first time!

Over a 12 week period, Restarting groups will learn how they are created for joy, from the very beginning. They will learn how to recognize where their brain lacks joy and how to connect with others in order to retrain their brains FOR JOY! Restarting groups use a combination of joy building exercises and DVD teachings from Ed Khouri and a workbook full of notes and additional follow up questions and 12 Step applications. Each class is 1/3 teaching and 2/3 exercises! Restarting is all about retraining the brain.. not just understanding why we are the way we are!