The Life Model: Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You

Posted: 2012-05-29
This book & model "Life Model" Is inspired by our Father in heaven & the Holy Spirit! The absolute best book of it's kind I have ever read & used! Every follower of Jesus should have this book and study it, understand the wisdom it gives, and USE IT!
---Michael  Minnesota

Posted: 2010-05-06
I've been in the addiction field as a teacher/couselor for several years, have studied for 3 years to get my certifications and, most of all, I'm in recovery for more than five years, myself. I have never read material as interesting and as informative as "The Life Model." It is so true to life and what God wants for us all. I think every human being needs to read this book since it explains so very much and is applicable to everyone.
---Sylvia  Wauchula, FL

Posted: 2009-03-07
As a Christian Counselor, I am frequently sharing resources with clients; and this is one that I've loaned to many. The brief, direct and applicable material rings true for those seeking to live as God created them. The Life Model helps to identify the core issues that block growth and integrity. It has enriched my personal growth process as well.
---Gret Machlan, MSW, LCSW  Fort Wayne, IN

Posted: 2009-02-17
The Life Model is the model of wholeness and healing which we use for our entire ministry, Tallahassee Healing Prayer Ministries. It encompasses emotional capacity, spiritual vitality, trauma recovery and maturity. It provides the tools necessary for teaching and leadership within the body of Christ and most importantly, it leads with love. I can't imagine how to more fully embrace the model that Jesus gave us, without the tools that the Life Model have provided. We are currently even considering the Life Model as an assimilation tool for our church, as a doorway to bring new people into the body through parenting, spiritual growth, recovery and counseling. We are using the Restarting material for both recovery and spiritual growth at present and are teaching 14 classes a week. It is beyond our expectations!
---Judi Henderson  Tallahassee, Fl.

Posted: 2009-01-21
As a professional, this book has become a vital part of my practice. It is especially helpful for those who have been traumatized by abandonment or other relationship injuries. Truly a must-have for every practice!
---Trudy M Johnson, LMFT  Buena Vista, Colorado

Posted: 2009-01-11
This book is incredible! The Life Model is an excellent resource of anyone seeking freedom in Christ. While the powerful information contained within this book has deepened my knowledge in helping those who have been living in bondage due to truma, it has also opened my eyes to the fact that everyone lives life based on beliefs derived from their experiences; and because, by their own belief, they don't see their experiences as traumatic or horrific, they never see the need to seek healing. It has helped me personally and in the ministry God has called me to. Thank you for sharing The Life Model and the many truths God has imparted to you over the years!
---Carrie  Littleton, CO

Posted: 2009-01-09
Friends introduced the Life Model book to us about four years ago. It was truly God-sent and we continue to be thankful for the insight and understanding we gained for our own "spiritual adoption" situation, and on-goingly for many others we have been privileged to share the Life Model with. We currently have four weekly Life Model groups meeting in our home and our church. There is a great need for this understanding of how our Father created us and what He intended for our lives. There is a great need for healing from the effects of the sin in this world that is directly antagonistic to our Father's plan and heart. And there is such a difference that can be made when we learn how to live in joy, from the heart that Jesus gave us, rather than from the hurts of sin. We are experiencing this continuously and we highly recommend this book.
---Ron and Katie Sisco  Lynden, WA

Posted: 2009-01-09
This has been the most meaningful book I have read over the last 15 years since it was given to me by a Christian colleague. As a physician specialized in healing from addictions and trauma, I have found this an excellent textbook for our students and staff for our international addictive behavior counseling schools. The Life Model book provides a path for maturing into adulthood and healing from childhood traumas. I have had it translated into Russian and Korean for our bilingual schools. We have been blessed to have permission to print it in English in India for our students from the developing world. I continue to buy and give away many copies to my friends around the world.
---Darv Smith,M.D.  Boulder,CO

Posted: 2009-01-09
I am a Christian psychologist and have found the book to be a valuable resource for many of my clients who seek healing from various types of trauma and connection within a healthy Christian community. I am very thankful for this resource that has been of great benefit to many clients.
---Joyce DeVoss  Tucson, Arizona

Posted: 2009-01-07
The Life Model book is essential reading for anyone who wishes to mature fully in Christ; anyone who is ministering to others; anyone who is stuck in behaviors you can not break...ANYONE!! Finding out what we lack in maturity strengthens resolve to allow HIM to grow us up IN HIM! No more excuses...let's all get on with the business of growing up IN HIM!
---Kathleen McCallister  Omaha, NE

Posted: 2009-01-07
I have appreciated the way the authors have combined a solid belief in Scripture with what God has revealed in the areas of psychology and neurology in a language that is very accessible to the many who are suspicious of material that comes across as "psycho-babble". As a mental health professional, i have enjoyed watching several people grow in awareness and maturity through this material, and have learned a great deal myself. An extremely useful tool for the Church in the work of ministering to people with traumatic wounds of all kinds.
---karen  charlotte, nc

Posted: 2009-01-05
The fact that I drive around with a box of Life Model books in the back of my car just in case I have an opportunity to give one to someone should be evidence of how much I love this book. It truly is one of a kind. The material on redemption -vs- maturity and Type A -vs- Type B Trauma are life changing. When you order one for yourself, you may as well order a few extra so you'll have them to hand out; this is too good to keep to yourself.
---Kim Jones  Overland Park, Kansas

Posted: 2009-01-05
Now this book is what I call 'fine tuning', there are so many things in it that have really helped me realize what the true issues are! It just pulls it all together and makes sense. I use it all the time in teaching and obviously in my own life. I am grateful Lily Smith
---Lily Smith  Kansas City, MO

Posted: 2009-01-05
I had been in Christian counseling for 4 months when my counselor recommended I read the Living from the Heart Jesus Gave you. The book was easy reading and I found that every word resonated with what has occurred in my life. It was amazing to see how God had already begun to bring wholeness into my life as he brought friends into my life to help me experience Joy (ever so glad to see you), helped me to understand that the lack of the good things in my life was more damaging than the really bad things that happened to me, He brought people into my life for me to give and receive life from and finally that I was listening to my heart (sark) which was never telling me the truth. My counselor and I went thru the work book together and are now in a group of nine women going thru the work book. My maturity level has gone from child stage to parent stage. I am 46 years old and finally beginning to live from the Heart that Jesus gave me. The book was very helpful but we are finding the workbook is not helping us to understand the book any better. There are also way too many questions to go thru in the time allotted. I have still learned a lot and am very thankful for this book and glad my counselor asked me to read it.
---Penny  Waxhaw, NC

Posted: 2009-01-05
This is a great book for anyone! I am enjoying reading it and learning alot about my life and those around me. This is a life changing book that is opening my eyes to things about my past and why I live my life the way I do.
---Janette  Medford Oregon

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