Equipping people with the skills to thrive

What is the Life Model?

  • We want to be as alive as possible at every age and stage of life.
  • We want to be a source of life and belonging for the people around us.
  • We want to support and be supported by living networks: internally, in our relationships, in our work and in our play.
  • We want our spiritual life to be connected to God and others so that we are filled with peace and joy.
  • We want to restore the relational and spiritual skills that are being lost to trauma and accelerated social changes.

What is unique about us?

  • We aim for the ideal not the average.
  • We work for a muti-generational community.
  • We build spiritual and emotional maturity skills.
  • We live an Immanuel lifestyle where God is present in appreciation and interaction with us.
  • We are learning to live a dream like the one your heart has been calling you to live all your life.
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