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This beautiful photo calendar is designed to guide new parents along the best-known path for strong and healthy brain development. This helpful guide for new parents is a great gift for baby showers and baby baptisms and dedications. You will love this calendar developed by Life Model author Maribeth Poole.

Martha Sears, co-author of

Of all the Baby Books/Calendars out there, this is the one I would have wanted my mother to read and put into practice.  As co-author of THE BABY BOOK, I see this guide for parents of new babies as both the science and the art of Attachment Parenting.  It tells and shows, with grace and precision, just how important and intricate the job of Parent is.  Then it gives you many wonderful tips on how to put all this good information into practice.  When you finish this 18 month project, you will have a marvelous keepsake for your baby, and a special record of the amazing journey you will have taken, starting with JOYFUL BEGINNINGS.” 

Martha Sears
Mother of eight
Co-author of THE BABY BOOK

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