E. James Wilder Information


Coauthor of The Life Model: Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You-2000 - - a profoundly Christian guide to community based counseling and maturity. Coauthor of Keeping Your Ministry Out of the Courtroom , Alathia Publishing, 2002, and in the same year coauthored Bringing the Life Model to Life a Life Model study guide. The Complete Guide to Living With Men-2004- -describes development from infant through child, man, father and grandfather. The Red Dragon Cast Down by Baker Books 1999 -- a LIFE Model book detailing a Christian response to evil, cults, abuse and trauma. Rite of Passage from Servant Publications 1994 (previously titled Just Between Father and Son .) Selected quotes appear in the Men's Devotional Bible published by Zondervan in 1993.



I speak frequently about Bonding and Joyful Identity Development , particularly for recovery from trauma, repair of broken relationships and development of strong, spiritual families. I occasionally travel across the country teaching and speaking on spiritual warfare, spiritual community, prayer and maturity to audiences of professionals, pastors and individuals interested in healing. I have given more than 80 radio and television interviews about men and fathers, and led men's retreats on Stages of a Man's Life and The Wounded Father . I was a trainer and leader at Fathering 90 .

My greatest interest is teaching the LIFE Model which brings God to the center of healing and restores the community in which we live. As one author of the LIFE Model, I have provided training for other professionals on:

Community Based Treatment - CSHDD National 1995, 1996; ICBC International Conference 1994, 1996. Treatment of Husbands of Incest Abuse Survivors - CAPS (C.E. Credit),San Francisco 1992. Bonding, Joy & Recovery from Dissociation , CHSDD 1998, 1999, Minnesota 1999,Idaho 1999, ICBC 2000.

Personal history

I was born to missionary parents in Colombia South America where I spent most of my life until age 16. I had a stroke with partial paralysis at age two following a severe illness. When I arrived in the United States to study I already had experience in home school, private school, correspondence school, public school and boarding school. I have been married to the same wife for thirty years and have several grandchildren. I have held jobs in over thirty different kinds of work before becoming a counselor more than twenty years ago. My hobbies are camping, backpacking, scuba diving, writing, photography, electronics, guitar and gardening. I love life, pain and all.



I received my B.A. in Psychology at Bemidji State University in northern Minnesota in 1974 and my M.A. in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary in 1981, was ordained as a minister in the Church of the Brethren in 1984 and became an elder in the Church of the Nazarene in 1994. In 1982 I received my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Fuller Graduate School of Psychology. I was a California psychologist from 1984 to 2003.



I trained at the Veterans Administration Hospitals in Sepulveda and Loma Linda California along with the Child Development Clinic in Pasadena. Training included such areas as family, child, adolescent, sexual, vocational, bilingual, behavioral and neuropsychological assessment and treatment, along with experience in groups; inpatient, outpatient, Vietnam Veterans, biofeedback and alcoholism units. I have worked in Christian counseling centers providing pastoral care since 1977 and served as director, assistant director, clinical director and director of training. I have served as a consultant to other counseling centers, missions and organizations since 1984.


Special Interests

Pastoral care, neurotheology, community based recovery, identity change, trauma recovery, maturity for men, husbands of incest survivors, fatherhood, spiritual family formation, and capacity building for addiction and trauma prevention.