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Here is your chance to hear topics of major interest in the form of free streaming audio. Click on the name of any lesson you would like to hear.

Munchies are also available in sets, and those teachings on this page are available in single serving sizes if you would like to order a CD.


Did Jesus or the apostle Paul reach elder maturity?

One of the most common surprises about maturity is that Jesus did not reach elder maturity during his life. The apostle Paul also did not become an elder even though he wrote more descriptive material about elders than any other New Testament author. Listen to this surprising teaching by Jim Wilder and find out how the church has gotten itself in a lot of unnecessary trouble by ignoring this aspect of maturity.

The Maturity of Jesus and Paul: Cut off from his generation 57 minutes recorded in 2006

Classic recordings from the Life Model

Satan's Second Strategy - The Picker

Perhaps the most memorable and revolutionary of any single lesson by Jim Wilder, this talk on the heart, the sark and how the main pain of our hearts and lives is tied to our purpose and destiny, brought Wilder to tears and the crowd to its feet. We think this talk is so important that we have included it here in the Free Munchies. Listen to it here or order the CD from the Single Servings collection. You will never see yourself or creation the same way again.

Satan's Second Strategy - The Picker 57 minutes recorded in 1997.

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