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Connexus: Forming DVD


Having run Restarting and Belonging we weren't sure if Forming would be redundant, but we were pleasantly surprised. We loved Forming! In fact, many of our faithful band who have taken the other two classes said they liked Forming best. David Takle has obviously spent years thinking about connecting to God. He clearly lays out different ways to connect with God, through scripture, thankfulness, and pain. He then covers what hinders us including self-hatred and fear. David does a fantastic job of describing the performances-based world view that had led to so much burn out in the church. His explanations and exercises are practical. The material is well organized. I especially like the facilitator manual which was arranged in a way that made it easy to know what page the participants were on and gave tips for every segment of the class. I am giving the class five stars because it changed my life and the lives of those I love. We ran the class with a group of 20, and then decided to run it with another group of 35 because we liked it so much. Since the second group was behind, we caught up by having a mini-retreat--three sessions back-to-back on a Saturday in a home in the country. When we completed class we went sailing at a local marina and celebrated with a picnic afterwards. Check out our photos on our We getting ready to start a third class in mid-October.
Date Added: 09/24/2012 by Elizabeth Stalcup
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