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Attachments & Food


Attachments & Food

Featuring: Ed Khouri

Original Air Date: Saturday 2/23 12:00 Eastern

Intended Audience: Everyone

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How many of us routinely start the New Year by promising ourselves that this will be the year we'’d "“lose weight and start eating healthy?"  What happens to all of those good intentions as the days and weeks pass?  By the time February rolls around, many of us have forgotten our resolutions,– or become so discouraged and frustrated that we give up.  

What is it about our connections with food that make it so hard for us to change? 

From the beginning, God created food to be enjoyable, tasty and life-giving.   God designed us to bond with those who feed us, and intended mealtime to be a place of joyful connections with Him and with others.  Everything about eating is intended to be a joyful relational experience, but food was never intended to take the place of life-giving attachments to God and others. 

The problem for many of us is that weÂ’ve experienced food as a more consistent, reliable and predictable source of pleasure than the amount of joy we experience in relationships.  This experience makes it likely that we will develop attachments to food that are stronger than our joyful connections with God and others.  When our attachments to food are stronger than joyful relationships, it is very difficult for us to diet, lose weight or change our eating habits.  Food loses its relational nature and becomes a source of pseudo-joy (pleasure), pseudo-shalom (comfort) and pseudo-parenting (nurture).  Food becomes an unhealthy BEEPS (Behavior, Event, Experience, Person or Substance) that actually take the place of life-giving, joyful attachments with God and with others.

Recovery is much more than just breaking unhealthy attachments with food!  We want to strengthen our joyful connections with God and with others.  We want to learn to talk with Immanuel to grow our attachment with Him.  We want to allow Immanuel to use food to help us grow and strengthen new attachments with Him, and weaken our unhealthy attachments with food.  

As an added bonus, participants in this JoyStream will be able to give us input about whether or not they would be interested in participating in future Immanuel groups on this subject.

In this JoyStream, we will:

         Explore God's original design for pleasure and food

         Survey the Scripture to discover the relational nature of food and meals

         Describe the process by which infants securely bond and attach with parents and caregivers

         Explain how attachments to food and non-secure attachments to parents and caregivers grow when joy is absent or weak.

         Highlight recent research that describes the problems with high sugar and high fat diets

         Share helpful strategies to connect with Immanuel to talk with God about food so that we are experiencing increasing joy, comfort and nurture in our relationship with Him.


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