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Immanuel, Emotional Healing, & Capacity

Author: Dr. Karl Lehman
Published:  Nov 30, 2004
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"Immanuel, Emotional Healing, & Capacity: Parts I & II"
is a 2-VHS video, or 2-DVD set, recorded at the Lehman's October 2005 seminar in Bolingbrook, Illinois
Many people are seeking healing from the ongoing effects of traumatic or difficult events that have happened to them. They know they need to allow the Great Physician, Jesus, in to the places of pain in their hearts to receive healing, but they canít seem to "get there." There are many possible reasons for this blockage to healing Ė but one that often goes unrecognized is the issue of capacity. Just as physical systems, like the wiring in your house, have a finite capacity to carry a load, so our brains, minds, and spirits have finite capacities for working with traumatic memories.
In these two lectures, Dr. Lehman will introduce the concept of capacity (drawing especially on the work of Dr. E. James Wilder), and then share ways that he has found to help people overcome capacity problems, particularly by helping them experience the reality of Immanuel (one of the Biblical names for Jesus, which means "God with Us").

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