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Immanuel: Taking Healing to the World

Author: E. James Wilder and Chris M. Coursey
Published: Shepherd's House  Apr 5, 2010
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Audio CD 
1. Introduction to Sharing Immanuel - Coursey 15 min.
2. Results of Sharing Immanuel - Wilder 35 min.
3. Immanuel and Hymns - Wilder 21 min. 

This CD is a companion to the Share Immanuel: The Healing Lifestyle booklet (available separately.) (Link Here)

Immanuel healing was introduced in 2008 making ministry simpler and safer. Now the 2010 revision makes Immanuel easier for anyone to share with friends and neighbors. Coursey provides a clear overview and introduction. Wilder reports of results from parts of the world with severe trauma and then goes back to show how the Immanuel experience is nothing new to the Christian life but has always had a place in the hymns of the church.

Note: the two teachings by Wilder are also available in MP3 form on Munchies Vol. 20 but the Coursey overview is only on this CD.

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