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JIM Talks Vol. 31

Author: Jim Wilder
Published: Shepherd's House  May 15, 2014
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VOL 31 Looking For Home

  1. Faithless and Perverse Generation 1 26:30
  2. Faithless and Perverse Generation 2 36:51
  3. Lotís Wife 1 37:42
  4. Lotís Wife 2 22:51
  5. Four Baby Stories 1 - Stories 3 and 1 23:34
  6. Four Baby Stories 2 - Stories 2 and 4 24:29
  7. Four Baby Stories 3 - Why Didnít Sarah Know? 29:46
  8. Advent 1 Ė Lotís Wife 28:25
  9. Advent 2 31:51
  10. Advent 3 30:53
  11. Gnats and Camels 37:12
  12. BONUS TRACK from Joy Starts Here Austin
  13. Prayer and Godís Mind 44:35
Ever wonder why Lotís wife was turned into a pillar of salt for looking back? Why did Sarah get addressed for laughing when Abraham laughed too? Why did Jesus tell us to remember Lotís wife? Wilder examines a series of family stories beginning with the father whose son had an evil spirit the disciples could not cast out. In these stories, beginning with Hagar, we find a growing contrast between how we and God view growing a family and protecting our future. This volume includes an amazing sermon on prayer and the brain recorded at the Joy Starts Here book tour in Austin TX. You will want everyone who has ever struggled with prayer to know about this BONUS track.

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