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Jesus in Mind: Talks on Kingdom Life

Dr. Jim Wilder is one of the main thinkers behind the Life Model from design to application. He has more ideas in a week than many people have in a year. There is no way that all those ideas can get developed into books or courses. Every Sunday Wilder emerges with his best thought of the week and teaches a select group of seniors. His topics are usually insights that will become books, videos, courses and the basis for international training in the years ahead. Wilder calls these ideas “munchies” or Kingdom snacks that can keep your mind sharp and your energy high. Munchies contain material that no one has had the time to write up in books. If you want to be in on the thinking that will develop into groundbreaking programs and books five years from now, get Munchies.

One of the reasons that our programs like THRIVE and Thriving are so far ahead of their time is that we had audiotapes of lectures by Dr. Alan Schore on topics that he did not publish for another five years. In that time we put the best ideas to work and were running implementations before his books were even at the printers. You can get ahead of the wave with Munchies. They are the absolute best bargain for Life Model teaching as well. Some people buy them just to listen to Wilder’s voice. Some listen for brain food. Some listen for soul food. Some listen to be soothed when life is rough. In general, the stranger the title Wilder picks, the better the teaching will be on that day.

"A fresh perspective," does not begin to describe the Munchies series of lessons by Life Model author Jim Wilder. Munch on stories you have heard many times--but not the way Jim teaches them. You will enjoy his wonderful mix of Bible teaching and brain science. You will be introduced to practical neurotheology. Jim delights in finding difficult passages in Scripture and making them obvious and practical. The Life Model view of maturity will change forever the way you see your life, family and church. You will want to give copies to your friends and maybe enemies as well.

These talks were recorded live in the Challengers' Sunday School Class at PazNaz in Pasadena California where Jim talks about whatever is on his mind each week. This class of senior adults demands orthodoxy while looking for new nourishment each week. Now you can take a serving with you.

Munchies by the Volume
    MP3 Audio Collections of Lessons by Dr. Jim Wilder.
Lessons on thriving: Bible stories you have heard many times but not the way Jim Wilder teaches them. You will enjoy his wonderful mix of Bible teaching and brain science.
Munchies Single Serving
    Single Munchies lessons that play on any CD player.
Munchies Free
    Free of charge: special lessons to all Life Model students. Don’t miss these current topics of interest and historical moments recorded for you to enjoy.